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Paladin Staking (Missions)

An important goal of NWB is to ensure that all Web3 functionalities are naturally integrated into the game at lore, gameplay and UI levels. Thus, gamification of DeFi is a key part of NWB's beauty.
Paladins in NWB will be able to conquer new planet spaces and receive relevant rewards for doing so. Naturally, this will require them to access special missions that temporarily keep them away from main battlefields.
Planets and Missions are described in the following subsections.


New Planets can be understood as new "Staking periods".
Once a new Planet Conquest is opened, players will be able to send their Paladins on a mission.
Each Planet will have a limited amount of missions, meaning the amount of rewards that can be earned by all Paladins are limited for any specific conquest.
Planets already conquered will no longer be accessible, yet an immutable register of the Hero's achievements will always be displayed for other gamers to admire.
For future Planet Conquests, users will be able to see the date on which the Conquest will be opened, as well as the rewards available for completing the future Conquest.


Once a player creates a new Mission and adds their Paladin, there will be 24 hour countdown/space for 5 Paladins to join them before the Mission starts.
Each Mission will last 10 days. When those 10 days are up, the participating Paladins will accumulate their rewards in the form of Space Loot. During the Mission's 10 days, the user will accumulate the corresponding APR of Rewards.
Users will be able to claim their Space Loot once the Mission ends. If a player leaves a Mission before it ends, they will lose all looted items.
A Mission may fail in the first 2 days. The likelihood of any Mission's success will depend heavily upon how many Paladins participate.