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Paladin NFTs are the main characters of the NWB world. There are different factions but each Paladin is totally unique in its appearance and skills:
The 11 factions of Paladins

Initial Paladins

The first Paladins to arrive to the NWB world will be the following races:
House Draco are the original Realm of the NWB world. They are hardworking people that know best how to extract Resources from the land around them.
The Undead Army comes from the Underworld Metaverse, their economy powered by an unending thirst for flesh. The best hunters are the richest and most recognized of their society.
The Dragons originate from the Downland Citadel, and are known for their greed. Their innate hunger for precious and unique materials make them the most cruel, ferocious, violent and bloody Realm of the NWB Metaverse.
Living in the shiny world of Edenland, The Royal Guards are the toughest creatures known to the Metaverse. Indeed, legend says that they were born directly from Diamond Rocks.

Future Paladins

From a more advanced multiverse, Metaminds developed a technology to produce a more advanced version of humankind. They created a new, genetically modified human race with greater intelligence, zero risk of illness and lacking emotion.
Born with the power of fire, The Sons of the Sun are one of the most powerful creatures known. Stories say they come directly from the sun and, upon death, each create a new star in the universe.
The Reptilians are the product of a catastrophic experiment designed to use reptile DNA in achieving auto-regeneration within humankind. Able to regenerate endlessly, they have become a plague in their Metaverse - however the experiment didn't go fully to plan. When Reptilians smell blood, they enter a deranged state and attack any creature - even themselves.
Coming from the Unknown Land, the Visitors are truly a one-of-a-kind species. Their society is quite different, filled with strange creatures in a world where survival is far from easy. The are an honourable race - once you save a Visitor's life, he will be indebted to you - at least, until he saves yours.
An army summoned by the Council of the Wise Cosmic Ancestors to rule them all, the power of the stars themselves pulses through their hands. Built with the essence of the universe, their only focus is to follow the Council's words and conquer every Metaverse.
The Alpha Soldiers come from the Divine Land of Lords. They are an army created to protect the world's most vulnerable creatures against evil forces. The Alpha Soldiers' main mission is to defend the God Lands at all costs.