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Plague Invaders

Invaders from other Games

Beyond the warring realms of NWB, different Plagues of Invaders arrived in the NWB Metaverse.
For all of their terror, the Plague Invaders become a common enemy that united the once-warring NWB Realms. To defend the Resources for the good of all Realms!
The Plague Invaders sneaked in from other game universes to extract the invaluable Resources of NWB, seeking to create their own crafting system and trade them in new cross-world markets they set up.
It is told that Monsters from the land of Monstropoly were the first Plague to Invade NWB. These fierce creatures came armed with different kinds of weapon:
  • Bigger Monsters (Tanks) resist more damage, using their fists to propel themselves towards enemies and deal damage
  • Assassin Monsters are fast creatures that use swords to swiftly slay their enemies
  • Gunner Monsters are weaker creatures that fire heavy weapons
  • Small Monsters are cute creatures that shoot long-distance weapons and deal significant damage
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