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Web3 Dapp to manage your Monstropoly NFTs & tokens
The No Way Back Dapp comes with every feature needed to manage your NFTs, tokens and every Web3 function previously described.
Inventory Page in the Dapp


The No Way Back Dapp provides the following features:
  • Access to your inventory of Paladins, NFT Skins and Weapons
  • Staking of Paladins (Missions)
  • Redemption of Mission rewards and control of Rewards Calendar
  • Purchasing of $NWB
  • Staking and Farming of $NWB
  • Purchasing of $RESOURCES from other users
  • Crafting of exclusive NFT Skins
  • Purchasing of Paladin capsules and Skins in the Shop
  • Redeeming of external purchases of NFT capsules
  • Access to vote in No Way Back DAO proposals
Swapping Page
Crafting Page
Shop Page

Testnet Version

Below, you can access a testnet version of our existing work-in-progress Dapp.
Please do bear in mind that layout, components and design are not yet final 👇