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New Features

NWB will be the only Battle Royale featuring in-game snowballing mechanics.
These mechanics have been successfully tested across other genres and are proven to bring more fun and engagement while perfectly connecting with NWB's Web3-inspired asset evolution system.
Furthermore, we have the possibility to encourage players' gaming styles to adapt with every patch or Battle Pass season. We can also add special abilities to new streaks and kills (e.g. superjump or zone shield).
The new Kill Streak system will equip NWB with:
  • Rewarded Kills - the more you kill, the more advantages you gain
  • Fast Play - promoting movement while penalizing camping
  • Flexible Killstreaks - different advantages unlocked by different gaming styles

Overall Goal and Principles

Our core goal is to make a fun, charismatic, inclusive and exciting Battle Royale. All features will revolve around making our goal a reality.
Key principles for NWB include:
  • Unlimited themes
  • Coexistence of Free-to-play and Play&Earn models for broad adoption and easier onboarding of Web2 gamers to experience Web3 benefits
  • Balance of quality and time to market (as a Web3-native game, we've always been live and playable)
  • Community-first principle to decide on new "island decisions" e.g. new themes or zone maps
  • Game optimized to be playable on any computer
  • Game designed for all ages (PEGI 12)