Peace and Harmony

One of the most powerful Factions ever known, House Draco has ruled over the Metaverses since the dawn of time.
They quickly mastered the usage of available Resources and, for centuries since, have controlled its extraction, supply and distribution.
These Resources are the only known element that allow Species to travel throughout the Metaverses. The Paladins of House Draco have mastered the use of these special materials, and craft them into all kinds of item from weapons to clothes, buildings to space ships...
This technology made them unbeatable as they travelled freely between Metaverses to pillage them.
But during one fated experiment in the House Draco laboratory, a Metaverse breach occurred!
Uncontrollable gates to different Metaverses began to open. Many Factions began entering the realm of House Draco, and gaining access to their precious Resources.
From that day until now, a war for Resources between Factions rages...

The Never-Ending Battle and the Meta-Guard

For centuries, the Factions fought ferociously. The Never-Ending Battle caused countless crises, which made life unsustainable and Resources scarce.
Following millions of civilian and warrior deaths, the Faction Leaders came together to draft a Peace Treaty:
Each Faction established itself in one different Realm of the NWB Metaverse. Then, they founded Etenoma, a neutral land where Factions could freely trade.
From then on, all fighting occurred only for the colonization and control of Resources of the rest of the planets in the NWB Metaverse.
They also founded the Meta-Guard, a neutral association led by orphan kids of the Never-Ending Battle. This association stands to ensure full compliance to the terms of the Peace Treaty.


The first Free Planet to be discovered was Chu-Tzu, a remote planet in the NWB Metaverse, by Acterio Draco of House Draco.
They exploited the Resources of Chu-Tzu, and kept the location as one of the biggest secrets of the NWB Realm. But their golden season came to end after a big betrayal, which revealed the location of Chu-Tzu in exchange for an incredible bounty of Resources.
Since then, many Factions from across the NWB Metaverse fight to impose their power over the rich world of Chu-Tzu and continue farming its Resources.